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Fruits and Veggie Mania
I already got the results for breast and whole abdomen ultrasounds, and thank God they came out normal. I will just have to wait for my chest X-ray. For those who express their concerns, don't be. :-) These are just included in my annual routine check-up. Yes, I will make it my own crusade to monitor my health at least once a year. For me, it's one of the best ways to really take good care of yourself.

Today, though, I will go for light meals. In fact, I plan to just go for 75 percent fruits and vegetables and cut back on meat as much as possible. I should also have to say good-bye to white rice for a while until I can shift to brown rice once I get home. Fortunately, I found a very good grocery shop where I can find a huge variety of fruits and vegetables, so I don't get too bored easily. I also discovered a comprehensive vegetarian cookbook, which I hope to get before the month ends.

I am not so sure yet of how my body will react to such change, but I'm hoping to enjoy the benefits most people say: more energy, less infection, better detoxification process, and stronger immune system.

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Light meals and a veggie diet is the way to go! I can attest to it, I've never felt so light and healthy after cutting down on meat.

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