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Love Anything Japanese?
There are two people who influenced me greatly when it comes to my admiration toward Japanese culture: Bernard and Dothe. Bernard, a great lover of Asian films, has introduced me to Itchi the Killer, Grudge, Audition, and Ran, to name a few. Dothe, on the other hand, cultivated my great love for J-pop music. If it weren't for him, I would not have learned to sing "First Love" of Utada Hikaru as if it's just another OPM song.

That's why it's definitely such a thrill for me to know that there are actually two Japanese-inspired events that are coming up in the next few weeks. These are J-music Festival and UP Otaku Fest.

J-music Festival of CIO-AMAGE will be held on November 7, 2009, in Talamban Leisure Center. It would be a three-and-a-half event filled with nothing but live and definitely worth-hearing Japanese music coming from local artists. For those who want to participate, you can check out ImmortalUndead's page.

The third annual Otaku Fest, meanwhile, will be one of the biggest gatherings of cosplayers and Japanese culture lovers in the province. It will be held on December 12, 2009, at UP grounds. There are a lot of activities and competitions in store for those who want to join in the fun. For complete guidelines and forms, click here. You can also visit the Multiply page for updates.

As for me, I'm definitely wishing that I can be one of the witnesses of these two well-prepared events.

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Oh Hope, thanks for the mention. I still love Japanese things. I hope to share my collection with you this December. When you're in Manila, drop by Robinsons Galleria and go to Saizen (it's a store for all things Japanese.

See you soon.

Dothe =))))
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