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Who Would Have Thought?

The picture above is La-Salle Taft. Across it is the LRT station. Few meters away is Leon Guinto, where Bernard and I lived for a month, from February until first week of March.

I have no doubt in my mind that if Bernard were assigned to work in Makati after his training and we chose to live in the same place, we would be additions to the list of victims--worse, casualties. The place we lived for a while is a certified flat area, which means water can easily get through our door. There are no windows; once you're stuck inside the gate, you can have no other means of going out. The nearest houses are very old; they can easily be damaged by very strong winds and currents.

I've just talked to a friend who's currently in Pasig. Based on his description, it only took an hour for the water to rise so high that it is already waist or even neck-deep. I don't know if we could reach our brother's place in Makati with a one-hour window. I should also factor in people congestion and traffic.

Simply put, I am grateful because somehow the Lord gave us a new lease in life. We could have been there. Yet, I am deeply saddened for a lot of people who lost not only properties but most of all loved ones. Seriously, who would have thought?

For those who are willing to help the flood victims, you can click here.

photo credit Labuyo XVIII of PEX


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