My Name Is Hope

Hope is a thing with feathers, that perches in the soul.

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It's Still a Good Morning
I woke up today not being able to swallow properly. "Something" seemed lodged in my throat. Of course, my paranoia set in again, and my mind drifted off to a lot of medical conditions and terms too many to mention here. Yet I don't want to dwell on the pain right now because, in general, my morning has never been this great for the past few days.

I shared a meal with the rest of the family members on a Friday morning. The weather's great. It reminded me of summer--and yes, it's making me think of the beach. There was plenty of food on the table, including one of my favorite combos: boiled egg and sardines. Bernard prepared the carrot juice for me, and it never tasted that good. Right now, I don't feel groggy at all, even if I only have 4 hours' worth of sleep. Most of all, my throat doesn't feel too bad anymore. There's a huge chance my prayer worked. ;)

Indeed, despite of the pain, it's still a good morning!


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